Jupiter Jaxon & The J-Stars


Jupiter Jaxon & The J-Stars aren’t a household name - but they should have been!  Borne out of the electro R&B scene in 1985, The J-Stars comprised of producer Arnold J Hellenbach, the feisty Miss CJ (Christina Jesmond) and the ‘Kilburn Khorus’ of Apollo Freeman, Herb Campling and Alfredo Mancini, fronted by singer and songwriter Jupiter Jaxon.

Fame was to elude them however as prior to the release of their debut album, the revelation of Jupiter’s adult entertainment background halted their much anticipated assault on the conservative mainstream music industry.

Fast forward 30 years and Luna Keep has secured and dusted off the original recordings to re-master and release to a more liberal music scene.  Long overdue, look for the debut album from Jupiter Jaxon & The J-Stars soon.



Jupiter Jaxon & The J-Stars

‘Voices’ included on new compilation

14 September 2019

Jupiter Jaxon & The J-Stars first commercially available track ‘Voices’ has been included on Arcade Audio’s inaugural compilation.

‘Level One’ features tracks from a plethora of Luna Keep artists, to help promote original electronic music and also includes ‘Forbidden Pleasure’ from J-Stars resident superstar DJ, AJ Hellenbach.  ‘Level One’ is available to download now.

Track listing:

01 Androgyne - Ain’t Nobody

03 AJ Hellenbach - Forbidden Pleasure

05 One Vista - We Just Got It Wrong

08 Blume - Odyssey Two movements 3 & 4

09 Bispatial - Lifeline Poptronic mix

11 Jupiter Jaxon & The J-Stars - Voices

Download link: