Niels Blume


Niels Blume is a musical alchemist, fusing trance, house and ambient electronica into epic, cinematic soundscapes.  He is currently releasing different series of single track downloads as part of his ‘Odyssey’ and new annual projects.

Blume’s particular sound is increasingly being sought for TV and film production; if you would like to license his music or commission a new piece, contact us here.



New album release ‘Superficial’

21 May 2017

Luna Keep is proud to announce ‘Superficial’, the brand new album from Blume.

Building on Veneer and Tectonic, ‘Superficial’ forms the third part of Blume’s ‘Masquerade’ trilogy and features 12 brand new tracks.


Whilst Blume’s signature sound is clearly in evidence, ‘Superficial’ forges lush orchestration with frenetic electronica to showcase his musical evolution.  Drawing inspiration from a wide range of composers including Vangelis, Hans Zimmer and Daft Punk, Blume has constructed emotionally charged, ethereal soundscapes, from the locomotive euphoria of ‘Emergence’ to the melancholic ‘Ghosts’.

Opening and closing tracks ‘Virtuality’ and ‘Actuality’ work as bookends to an epic, cinematic journey through strange worlds and you could be forgiven for thinking that ‘Superficial’ is the soundtrack to the latest Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster.


Continuing the striking visual theme of the first two albums, ‘Superficial’ includes stunning new artwork from Serbian digital artist Fluidizzed.


‘Superficial’ written, produced and mixed by Blume will be available to download from all major digital retailers from 30 June 2017.

Track listing:

01 Virtuality

02 Pursuit

03 Ghosts

04 Emergence

05 Transcending

06 Messages

07 Discovery

08 Duality

09 Luna

10 Eden Lost

11 Adam & Eve

12 Actuality

Download links:



Watch the video to ‘This Is Us - Magi mix’

08 November 2017


New ep release ‘Facade’

08 November 2017

Blume releases his explosive remix ep ‘Facade’ to mark the completion of his ‘Masquerade’ project.

‘Facade’ includes brand new remixes of tracks taken from Blume’s ‘Masquerade’ trilogy of albums, Veneer, Tectonic and Superficial plus an unreleased new track ‘Sunday - Spirian mix.’

It only seemed right to complete a remix ep!  Essentially each track has a heavier, more punchy mix, some additions to the percussion and on ‘This is Us’ a new finale!”

In keeping with the audio-visual marriage of the ‘Masquerade’ project, ‘Facade’ features all new artwork for each track from  Serbian digital artist Fluidizzed.


‘Facade’ written, produced and mixed by Blume will be available to download from all major digital retailers from 01 December 2017.

Track listing:

01 Actuality - Mechanite mix

02 Cinumburrocyst - Katrian mix

03 Emergence - Veranian mix

04 This Is Us - Magi mix

05 Sunday - Spirian mix

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Watch the video to ‘Emergence’

28 May 2017



New ep ‘You Make Me Smile’

14 August 2019

Blume releases a brand new 4-track ep featuring the stunning vocals of Ella.


‘You Make Me Smile’ written by Blume with Ella is available to download now.

Track listing:

01 You Make Me Smile

02 You Make Me Smile - Ascension mix part 1

03 You Make Me Smile - Ascension mix part 2

04 You Make Me Smile - 2019 mix

Download links:


Niels Blume

New compilation includes ‘Odyssey Two’

14 September 2019

An edited version of ‘Odyssey Two’ has been included on Arcade Audio’s inaugural compilation.

‘Level One’ features tracks from a plethora of Luna Keep artists, as well as several from the Arcade collective to help promote original electronic music and is available to download now.

Track listing:

01 Androgyne - Ain’t Nobody

03 AJ Hellenbach - Forbidden Pleasure

05 One Vista - We Just Got It Wrong

08 Niels Blume - Odyssey Two movements 3 & 4

09 Bispatial - Lifeline Poptronic mix

11 Jupiter Jaxon & The J-Stars - Voices

Download link:


Niels Blume

Watch the video to ‘Odyssey 6 - Choral Version’

27 November 2020

Niels Blume

New release ‘Vanguard - Volume One’

3 September 2021

An epic new collection of early and unreleased work!

Niels Blume takes a brief break from his current annual project to release this first collection of his early work including several unreleased tracks. 

‘Vanguard - Volume One’ tracks the evolution of his now trademark sound, taking in influences from Jarre, Yello, Pet Shop Boys and Vangelis among others, that culminated in his ‘Masquerade’ trilogy of albums.

Look for a second volume later in the year.  ‘Vanguard - Volume One’ is available from 17 September 2021.

Track listing:

01 Ten Days

02 End Of Nothing

03 Glitch

04 Lost Wars

05 Breathe

06 Alternate

07 Bramley Cottage

08 Boring Pasta

09 E-Tronic

10 Calm Before The Storm

Download link:

digital bookletblume_files/Vanguard%20%7C%20Volume%20One.pdf

Niels Blume

New single release

3 September 2021

Niels Blume blasts into 2021 with a new annual project!

‘January’ is the first single in a series of monthly releases, which together form Blume’s new annual project.  The singles sport  stunning retro gaming inspired artwork from Luna Keep’s newest addition, Elsie Dean.

All of the monthly singles come with a free 12” mix if you download in the first month of release, available via Bandcamp.

Download links:

Niels Blume

Watch the video to ‘Ten Days’

5 September 2021