Artificial 80s

Artificial 80s saw a return to live events in conjunction with ‘The Talk’ night club, highlighting artists with a particular 80’s inspired sound.

  1. Artificial 80s

  2. The Talk, Norwich

  3. 29 September 2018

  4. Line up:

  5. AJ Hellenbach

  6. One Vista

  7. Jupiter Jaxon & The J-Stars

  8. Artificial 80s

  9. The Talk, Norwich

  10. 27 April 2019

  11. Line up:

  12. AJ Hellenbach

  13. One Vista

  14. Jupiter Jaxon & The J-Stars




Artificial was conceived as a separate arm of Luna Keep to provide a platform for new, quality electronic music.

It showcases up-and-coming artists working within the electronic genre via live events and was supplemented by a series of internet radio shows and irregular podcasts.



Artificial> is a series of live events that began in 2010, featuring performances from a range of electronic artists, cross pollinating their fan bases to provide further exposure and garner new followers for them.

In addition to the physical audience at the venue, Artificial 02> was streamed live to over 9000 internet viewers.

  1. Artificial 01>

  2. Karma Kafe, Norwich

  3. 21 August 2010

  4. Line up:

  5. Bispatial

  6. Conversation

  7. Geigertek

  8. Lost Controllers

  9. Madsen

  10. Sure

  11. Vista

  1. Artificial 02>

  2. Epic TV, Norwich

  3. 9 June 2012

  4. Line up:

  5. Bispatial

  6. Brand Damage

  7. Ella

  8. Electro Kill Machine

  9. Madsen

  10. Silver Factory Superstars

  11. Sure

Artificial On Air>

Artificial on air> was a weekly show broadcast throughout 2012 via Regal Radio, a short-lived internet station.

Artificial on air> demonstrated the breadth of the electronic genre and played a wide array of music from new and unsigned bands alongside well-known names.

Artificial on air> can still be heard on Mixcloud.

Artificial Online>

Artificial Online> was a semi regular podcast that followed Artificial on air> in 2014, showcasing music from a wealth of electronic artists, illustrating the versatility and variety of the electronic genre. 

Artificial Online> can still be heard on Mixcloud.